Balearic Islands


This magnificent Mediterranean archipelago has exploited its charms better than anyone, to the point that it could end up being a victim of its own fame, because it is famous, and so much; millionaires, successful singers, Hollywood stars, european royalty, elite athletes and models / instagramers / bloggers who tell their followers by millions have discovered these islands and compete with each other for the best coves where to anchor their yacht, the best VIP boxes in restaurants and clubs or the best piece of sand where to place their towels.

The problem is that they compete with another 14 million visitors per year (Palma de Mallorca airport is the third in importance in Spain, just behind Madrid and Barcelona). If we take into account that the population of the islands barely exceeds one million permanent residents, and that its area is 1% of the country, it immediately feels like it is difficult to fit all these people there in the summer, when you can enjoy beach tourism. This is already a real problem in some of the most popular cities, where locals are starting to have to leave after the very high price of rents that motivates tourism.

That is the main and perhaps the only drawback of the Balearic Islands: that it is not a secret for anyone, and that when one decides to go in person to verify the reason for so much hype, they realize that it is as good as it is said or best: dozens of impressive coves (all similar, thankfully) with turquoise water and several kilometers long beaches of fine white sand with crystal clear water, Mediterranean forests, remarkable caves, mountain areas and fantastic coasts, towns and cities with interesting architecture and tons of restaurants, shops and places to party. Although in all the islands we can find a little of everything, each one has made its flag a quality: Formentera the great beaches, Ibiza the party and its coves, Menorca is the quiet Ibiza, and Mallorca is the most complete. Balearics are for everyone, just choose the island that best suits you.




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