This rock on the top is called "little Monument Valley"



In Page, Arizona, not in the Canyonlands like more than one person thinks, is perhaps the most beautiful and original canyon on Earth, a wonder of nature and a delight for any photographer. Compared to its neighbor the Grand Canyon, Antelope is small, but its beauty is extraordinary and captivating. All those pictures you have seen of a ray of sunlight illuminating a hole in a stone canyon, where taken here.  Continue reading “ANTELOPE CANYON”

In 2011 I had nor wide-angle neither selfie stick, so I could not get the whole of it in a single photograph



Page is a 7,000 people town in northern Arizona. By itself is not interesting, but the surrounding nature is spectacular, so it has become the main base for exploring the north of this state. Some of the most important natural monuments in the country are close enough for a day trip. Several are world famous, but most of the people don’t not know they’re here.  Continue reading “AROUND PAGE”