• I was here: two days in September 2013.
  • How many days are recommended? It can be seen in a day, but I think it is worth seeing and admiring it calmly, I recommend 2.
  • My score: 5/5.

I was and I am still absolutely captivated by the beauty of Quebec City, perhaps because of how unexpected it was to me, but Continue reading “QUEBEC CITY”




Brooklyn wants to be the new Manhattan, and is striving hard for everyone to know, but no matter how much is publicized, it will hardly ever reach the level of popularity and interest that its neighbor the Big Apple awakens, and certainly if that it’s coming, it still has not. Continue reading “BROOKLYN”



  • Al Was Here: 5 days in September 2013.
  • Recommended number of days: 3.
  • My score: 3.5 / 5. Chicago is pretty good and I mean it’s worth a visit. Personally I would not repeat it because in 5 days I saw the city amply, but had I gone only for a couple of days, I would try to go back.

Its only great disadvantage is the freezing cold in winter, with usual temperatures of -15ºC and below. Continue reading “CHICAGO”