Kagoshima Prefecture


The prefecture further south in Japan, apart from Okinawa, is a great unknown to foreign tourists, and yet, in addition to being quiet, scenic and with good weather, it has a variety of attractions and interesting sites: Continue reading “Kagoshima Prefecture”




Yoron-to is a small island that has nothing of interest, apart from its beaches. On a small island, the beaches will not be very large, but it is very likely that you have never been on such idyllic beaches with so few people around. Continue reading “YORON-TO BEACHES”



  • I was here: August 2017.
  • Number of days: 3.
  • Number of days necessary to complete it: 4 or 5, although it depends on your physical capacity, there are those who do it in less than 24 hours.
  • My score: considering its beautiness I would rate it 4/5, but I would not repeat it because there are many other very similar places on the west coast of Vancouver Island and in the United States, from Olympic National Park till Oregon coast.

It is one of the best multi-day hikes that can be done in British Columbia, and one of the best coastal in North America. Continue reading “JUAN DE FUCA MARINE TRAIL”