Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)


Although it is also formed by Belize and part of Guatemala, the majority belongs to Mexico and is the area where we will focus mainly. Its charms are world-renowned, and we do not mean that north of here was where the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs fell, which also indeed happenned: Continue reading “Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)”




  • I was in Aoshima half day in April 2013.
  • Time needed to visit it: less than half a day.
  • My score: 3/5.

Unknown place is Miyazaki Prefecture. Most tourists do not even know where it is, and its only place that is gradually becoming famous internationally, the incomparable Takachiho Gorge, Continue reading “AOSHIMA ISLAND (青島)”



In 2008 I met the first person who had been in Iceland. Scandinavian countries were well known, with their capitals populated by low buildings painted in bright colors and their churches with towers ending in sharp peaks, Lapland plains full of snow and reindeer where Santa Claus lives and the imposing panoramas of Norwegian fjords, traveled by countless cruises in the summer months. But the country whose name means “the land of ice” was a complete stranger. Continue reading “Iceland”



  • I was here: April the 17th in the afternoon and 18th in the morning, 2013.
  • Recommended number of days: nowadays one full day. If at some point the volcanic activity decreases, then two.
  • My score: 2/5.

This national park in Kyushu is located mainly to the northeast of Kagoshima Prefecture, although a part is in the neighboring Miyazaki Prefecture. It is actually a Continue reading “KIRISHIMA NATIONAL PARK”

Kyushu (九州)


Ignored by the vast majority of international tourists, recognized by the Japanese, the largest island to the west of the country has enough attractions for us to consider an exclusive trip to the area. Its temples can not be compared at all to those in central Honshu, but its nature is described as poetic, original and sometimes sensational: Continue reading “Kyushu (九州)”