• I was here 3 hours the afternoon of December 27, 2007; and an hour and a half the afternoon of December 31, 2007.

  • My score: 4/5.

And because of what I wrote about the Drake Pass at Christmas, why not write about another one of those remote places, in fact the most remote, where I have ever spent New Year’s Eve? This island is one of the most famous places and a mandatory stop for all Antarctic cruises.


Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)


Although it is also formed by Belize and part of Guatemala, the majority belongs to Mexico and is the area where we will focus mainly. Its charms are world-renowned, and we do not mean that north of here was where the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs fell, which also indeed happenned: Continue reading “Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)”



I know this province very well, or should, because it is where I live. What better way to honor Andalusian day than to introduce one of the most interesting provinces of such an interesting country as Spain, where, in turn, there are not many who know what it offers apart from its coast: Continue reading “MALAGA PROVINCE”

Sichuan (四川)


Few foreigners know where it is or what is in it, in fact almost nobody knows its existence; There is not a single organized trip that passes through here, this being the way how more foreign tourists visit the country. Unknown to the world and yet, this province is a treasure within China. Continue reading “Sichuan (四川)”



  • We were here: 2 days at the beginning of October 2018.
  • Number of days needed: 2. If you are going on a day trip to Mount Hua, then 3. If you are a fan of archeology, you probably need a week.
  • My score: 3/5. No doubt it is a city worthy of a visit, but I am not sure if I would repeat it, and certainly not in the next few years, I explain below why.

Xi’an (西安) is the most important city in the history of China. Continue reading “XI’AN”