• I was there 3 days at the end of December 2005 and 3 more in March 2012.
  • Recommended number of days: 2, plus one for the Great Ocean Road.
  • My score: the city 4/5, but because of my friends Kym and Tam I rate it 5/5. If you knew them, you would also do it.

The first time I went to Melbourne I did not intend to spend so many days, but I was exhausted after a month without rest visiting the east coast, the Northern Territories and the desert, so I decided to take it easy, and discovered a so nice city, that the second time I saved time to spare to enjoy it again properly. Continue reading “MELBOURNE”




  • I was here: April 18, 2013.
  • Number of days recommended: the only recommendable thing is to visit its neighbor Aoshima and continue.
  • My score: 1/5.

As I usually clarify when I low score a city (1/5 means “I do not recommend going”), Miyazaki is not a dangerous or unpleasant city. On the contrary, Continue reading “MIYAZAKI”



  • I was there: at the end of March 2013, 5 days.
  • Time needed: as much as you can.
  • My score: 5/5, I did not get tired, nor will I get tired of seeing it.

The Sakura Hanami, which literally means “look at the cherry blossoms”, is one of the favorite events, if not the most important, in this nation. Continue reading “TOP PLACES IN TOKYO FOR CHERRY BLOSSOMS (SAKURA HANAMI)”



  • I was here: October 2017.
  • Number of days: 1. There were two, but the second day the temperature dropped 14ºC with heavy rain and wind, so we just left the apartment for lunch.
  • Recommended number of days: 2.
  • My rating: 2/5.

Bucharest reminded me the communist cousin of Vienna. In a clear attempt to be no less than its neighbors and rivals Continue reading “BUCHAREST”