• I was here: June 19, 2018.
  • Number of days needed: in half a day you can see everything.
  • My score: 4/5, but if there were half tourists, 5/5.

Turkey is a kind of curious place since it has 3 spots that, although they are similar to others that exist in different countries, represent the best exponent within their category. Continue reading “PAMUKKALE AND HIERAPOLIS”



  • I was here: 3 days in June 2018.
  • Number of recommended days: at least 2.
  • My score: I rate it 4/5 because in three days I can say that I was very satisfied, but the place could perfectly be rated 5/5.

To understand what we see, we must first know how it is done. Without trying to offend any geologist, broadly speaking this is what happened here: Continue reading “CAPPADOCIA”



  • I was here: June 20, 2018.
  • Recommended number of days: none.
  • My score: 1/5.

As in many other cases, this city does not fail because it is dangerous or unpleasant, but because it does not have any relevant tourist attraction itself; it is the closest urban spot to Ephesus though, which deserves a visit and is barely 3 km away. Continue reading “SELÇUK”