• We were here: 4 days in September 2015.
  • Number of days needed: at least 3.
  • My score: 5/5, if it’s not high season.

Although the smallest and the one that less variety of tourist attractions presents, this is perhaps the most charming island of the 4 main ones of the Balearic Islands, Continue reading “FORMENTERA”




  • I was here: 3 days in June 2008.
  • Number of days needed: at least 2, it is a spectacular beach destination if one makes the effort to go to where the best ones are located.
  • My score: 4/5.

Almost everyone knows what is in Athens, but about the Greek Islands, most tourists are confused: Continue reading “LEFKADA”



  • We were here: June 2013.
  • Number of days necessary to hike its 180 km long with 22,000 meters of accumulated altitude: we did it in 13 days; the usual are between 10 and 15, but there are ultratrailers that runs it in 33 hours.
  • My score: 4/5.

An attraction for a very specific public, the GR20 is one of the most spectacular, hardest and most rewarding multi-day hiking routes in Europe. Continue reading “GR20 IN CORSICA”



Mediterranean islands never disappoint, they are a sure bet. Corsica is not only as beautiful as the others, is possibly the most complete, and therefore, possibly the best; It has all kinds of attractions, mixing some of the best things in Spain, France and Italy: Continue reading “Corsica”



We went to Shikoku because in Tadotsu there is the Shorinji Kempo main Dojo, martial art that my friend and travelbuddy in this trip Manuel Martín practiced. Since we were going to go, he insisted that we stay one or two more days; literally his words were: “I do not know what is there, but I think it has to be cool.” Since I knew absolutely nothing about Shikoku I could not refute his argument, and from this anecdote I learned that sometimes it is not bad to let go by instinct, because the overall experience was very positive. Continue reading “Shikoku”