Mediterranean islands never disappoint, they are a sure bet. Corsica is not only as beautiful as the others, is possibly the most complete, and therefore, possibly the best; It has all kinds of attractions, mixing some of the best things in Spain, France and Italy:

  • Beaches of fine white sand, mostly located in small coves of turquoise water, which we would not be able to distinguish from those of the Balearics, Sardinia or Sicily.
  • Cities and towns painted in warm colors with wooden shutters in bright colors, which we will not be able to distinguish from most Italian cities, many of them with luxury marinas similar to those of the French Riviera.
  • Pine forests and abrupt mountains, some with perpetual snow, which we will not know how to distinguish from the Pyrenees or the Alps. Here is the GR20, considered not without reason one of the hardest multiday hiking routes in Europe.

An unforgivable mistake by Italy to give its sovereignty to France, no matter many riots there were and how uncontrollable the proud Corsican people were at the end of the 18th century. Surely every Italian who steps on the island regrets in the name of their ancestors because, who would not want a Corsica?


  • THE GR20

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