• I was here: April the 17th in the afternoon and 18th in the morning, 2013.
  • Recommended number of days: nowadays one full day. If at some point the volcanic activity decreases, then two.
  • My score: 2/5.

This national park in Kyushu is located mainly to the northeast of Kagoshima Prefecture, although a part is in the neighboring Miyazaki Prefecture. It is actually a section of the largest Kirishima Kinkowan National Park, which includes several volcanic territories, including the areas of Sakurajima, Kaimondake and Ibusuki and the western area of ​​Cape Sata.

With 23 volcanic cones, 11 of them converted into lakes, Kirishima is famous throughout the country for being the place where the gods first descended to Japan; the grandson of Amaterasu (the goddess of the Sun) was sent to rule on Earth and establish the Japanese emperors dynasty. But it is more mystic than panoramic, since its access is not simple if we do not have our own vehicle and the landscapes that it offers are not at all better than those of Yakushima or Mount Aso, both not many kilometers away. It is a good place for hot springs lovers and it may be advisable to stop on our way between the Kagoshima and Miyazaki cities, and although I personally think that it is never a bad time for a walk in the mountains, otherwise it does not contribute much if we have visited or we are going to visit the volcanoes mentioned above. The persistent eruption of Shinmoedake volcano has also closed several hiking trails.



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