• Al was here: February 2016.
  • Number of days: 5.
  • My rating: 5/5.

If there is a paradise on fashion, that is El Nido. We have known for many years not only the touristy ones of Thailand, such as Phuket and Koh Samui, but also less known as Krabi or Koh Phi Phi sound familiar to many people. And we better not talk about Halong Bay, to mention another similar landscape, nor of the well-known Maldives, Seychelles and Polynesia. El Nido is the place that has placed the Philippines on the world tourism map. It has both lagoons surrounded by karstic peaks and long beaches of fine sand. Its beauty is extraordinary, comparable or greater than that of its Thai rivals and its neighbor Coron, which in my opinion is even more beautiful, but lacks an advantage that El Nido does have: if the sea is wavy, you can go by road to several beaches.

Of course when I talk about beauty I mean everything about nature, because the town itself is horrifying. The fact is that El Nido was only unknown to the general public. The Filipinos knew it, and also some backpackers among whom I can not include myself, not many, but enough so that the locals realized years ago of the tourist potential of their fishing village. Urban planning was nil, and today it is still scarce. Along the beach, restaurants and hotels built quickly and badly pile up on top of each other, forming the typical narrow, noisy, stifling streets of Southeast Asia.

But no one comes here to see the village, so enjoy this sublime place as much as you can. Someday, when you see your photos at home, you’ll wonder why you did not stay longer.

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