This small center Europe country has an essential destination, but the rest seems to me somehow dispensable.

Nature does exist, but is not very spectacular; there are mountains and forests, but they do not add much about the rest of Europe.

On the other hand, cities have an extraordinarily beautiful architecture, although, as in neighboring Poland, all are more or less alike. I have been there twice, most of my time has been spent on the essential Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and perhaps in the world. 

I have also been in Karlovy Vary, but that’s all I know of Czech Republic. Next time I would like to go to Marianske Lazne and Cesky Krumlov, but the fact is that the pictures I see make me think that they will not be very different from Karlovy Vary the first and Prague the second, and so with the rest of cities. Many of them would be a must if they were in another country, but after seeing Prague, they all look similar, which discourages me about spending much time in the Czech Republic.

Gastronomy? No, the truth is that I would not return for the food, I do not dislike it nor love it; however, who is fond of beer perhaps will not able to leave this country, enough to say that Pilsen and Budweis are the names of two Czech cities.

Then are the people, Czechs are generally lovely and friendly. There is a legend that Prague residents have become unpleasant with tourists because there are too many; not at all my experience; as a tourist I would have liked the treatment that has given to me there in some other countries. A country where it is easy to organize your trip, modern and although Prague does not seem loke that, if you know to search, is still a cheap country.

In short, in my opinion, Prague is wonderful and you have to go and see it. The rest is the rest, and so far I have not decided to explore it deeply.


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