Prague is one of the few cities in the world that can enchant the soul of a traveler. Undeniably beautiful, those who want to see it must walk around. The main attractions are certainly magnificent, but they are not what make the difference from other cities. Those who only visit the attractions, they are not visiting Prague.

mapa Praga
Map (Google Maps) showing the main attractions in Prague


You must walk and wander around for a while in all the main districts: Stare Mesto, Josefov, Nove Mesto and Mala Strana, and become delighted by the beauty of every street.

2012-11 Berlin, Dresden y Praga 452
Nove Mesto


All the main spots are in the central square of the Old Town, Staromestska, which is possibly one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

  • The Astronomical Clock. On the facade of the Old Town Hall. There are many clocks like this one many buildings in Europe, but this is the most famous.

    El reloj astronómico, Praga
    The astronomical clock. On the upper windows, the busts of the apostles can be seen every hour
  • Tyn Church. Suggested Admission 25 CZK. Closed Mondays, open from 10 to 13h and 15 to 17h (Sundays open from 10 to 12h). Its two Gothic towers topped with 9 needles are probably the most characteristic picture of Prague. They are so quaint you may think you are in a fairy tale. Personally I do not know any other church like this one, the closest I’ve ever seen is the Basilica of St. Mary in Krakow.

    2012-11 Berlin, Dresden y Praga 636
    The Old Town Square. The Astronomical Clock on the left and the Tyn Church on the background
  • All the buildings surrounding the square are beautiful.

    Edificios de la plaza Staromestska
    Staromestska Square

Even for those with very little time, you should spend at least half an hour wandering around the Old Town.


This beautiful pedestrian bridge connects the two main touristic districts, Stare Mesto and Mala Strana. There is a tower on each side and two rows of statues (mainly religious) in each banister. Unfortunately, in high season, it can be a nightmare to walk. It’s packed with tourists, hawkers, artists and pickpockets hunting dreamy tourists. It is best visited in the evening, as there are fewer people and low-light makes a mystical atmosphere.

2012-11 Berlin, Dresden y Praga 581
Charles Bridge


The biggest attraction here is Prague Castle. Coming from the Charles Bridge, there is no choice but to stroll most of the neighborhood, what we insist, it is delightful.

Mala Strana desde el Puente de Carlos
Mala Strana from Charles Bridge

There is a problem, the castle is on top of a hill. There are several areas go up, either stairs or ramps, but they are all steep. You can take tram 22 to avoid the steps.

2012-11 Berlin, Dresden y Praga 518
The way up to the Castle

Admission to the castle is free. Inside, there are a number of historical buildings where you do have to pay to enter. In my opinion they are more interesting from the outside than from the inside. Depending on which ones you want to visit, there are many types of tickets, the most expensive is circuit A (350 CZK). I bought circuit B (250 CZK), which entitles you to visit:

  • St. Vitus Cathedral, the biggest attraction in the castle.

    2012-11 Berlin, Dresden y Praga 545
    St. Vitus Cathedral
  • The former Royal Palace, one of the oldest parts of the castle.
  • St. George Basilica, some sections are over a thousand years old.
  • And the Golden Lane, a street of small houses painted in different colors. In one of them Kafka lived for a year. Currently there are shops and small exhibitions.
2012-11 Berlin, Dresden y Praga 693
View of the Castle at sunset. Cathedral stands on its highest point and the Charles Bridge is in the foreground

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