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Airplane. The airport is 16 km west of the city.

  • The best way to come and go is by bus. There are several options:
    • North, arriving by subway to Veleslavín Nádrazí station (newly opened station, line A or green, many maps are still outdated and don’t show it), change to bus 119. Runs every 7-20 minutes, starting at 4:20 am from the airport, 5:00 from Nádrazí Veleslavín, until 23:45 from the airport, 0:30 from Nádrazí Veleslavín. It takes about 15 minutes. It costs 32 CZK (a 90 minutes ticket) including the subway.

      transbordo al aeropuerto
      Transfer is clearly marked
    • South, from Zlicín metro station (last stop in yellow line or B), change to bus 100. Runs every 15-30 minutes starting at 5:45 am from the airport, 5:30 from Zlicín, until 23:39 from the airport, 0:00 from Zlicín. It takes about 20 minutes. It costs 32 CZK (a 90 minutes ticket).
    • Airport Express. From the central train station, coordinated with the arrival of many trains. The problem is that, contrary to the previous two, that are taken on the outskirts, this one can get stuck in the heavy traffic of the city center. It costs 60 CZK.
    • Night bus: from the airport, bus 510, from 0:00 to 4 am. After 11 minutes, change at Divoká Sárka to tram 51.
  • Shuttle. There are shared shuttle companies, around 130 CZK per passenger.
  • Cab. A taxi from a reputable company called by phone should cost from 500 CZK, so better don’t think how much you may pay on a disreputable taxi.

By land:

  • Within Czech Republic, intercity buses are much more efficient than trains: they are faster, modern and comfortable, and cheaper. The main bus station is Florenc, a 15-minute walk east from Stare Mesto.
  • However, most international travelers arrive by train, especially from Berlin / Dresden and Vienna. The central station is Hlavní Nádrazí, a 15-minute walk southeast from Stare Mesto. Just outside the station there is a park that is considered one of the most insecure areas in the city at night.


I know I always say the same, but I think it’s best to walk. The whole city is nice, it is a great pleasure to stroll through its streets. For those who prefer to walk less, public transportation works very well and is very cheap, adult ticket costs 24 CZK for 30 minutes and 32 CZK for 90 minutes. The same ticket is valid for metro, bus and tram, and transhipments are unlimited within the range of time selected. If you are carrying plenty of luggage or your dog, you have to buy an additional ticket (16 CZK). There are passes for 1 (110 CZK) and 3 (310 CZK) days. In any case, taxi no, thanks, and if necessary, you should always call, never take one on the street.

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