• I was here: half day in June 2008 and another half day in September 2017.
  • Number of days needed: 3, although it depends on if we have visited the neraby islands or not.
  • My score 3/5.

The first time I went to Greece I landed here because it was the most convenient airport to the Ionian Islands, but I considered more interesting to visit the neighboring Lefkada, and since I had not much time left, I barely did anything more than land and spend the morning at the beautiful village of Fiskardo waiting for the ferry to the neighboring island. The second time, its main town, Argostoli, was a half-day mandatory stop on our honeymoon cruise through the Greek Islands, but considering the few hours we had and that the day was a bit cloudy, we decided to stay there and we did not visit the nearby beach of Makris Gialos. The result is that I haven’t done good in this island; to be a place that does not happened to be nearby at all, having gone twice is strange, but having gone twice and not having been able to visit the best places, is unforgivable.

  • Luckily I was able to spend a few hours in the aforementioned Fiskardo, one of several beautiful villages on the island. It also has nearby the tiny, but attractive and quiet beaches of Kimilia, Dafnoudi, Foki and Emplisi.
  • Asos is similar, but more famous. Both have small houses painted in warm colors with door frames and windows in blue and green, in very relaxing environments. It may help its popularity to be the nearest village (11 km) to Myrtos Beach, the most famous of the island, located behind a cliff.
  • Argostoli is not very interesting itself, the houses lack the attractive of those that we will find in the villages, but it is certain that not having been able to go to its main beach makes it impossible to judge it with solid arguments.
  • Other interesting beaches are those of the south of the island (Kaminia and Scala) or Petani to the west.
  • And for those who wish to set foot, the closest island is Ithaca, the famous homeland of Ulysses, although visiting it does not contribute much to Kefalonia.

Let’s see if the next time I go there, whatever the circumstance, I dedicate a couple of days to take it easy, because their villages and beaches deserve it.





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