In Page, Arizona, not in the Canyonlands like more than one person thinks, is perhaps the most beautiful and original canyon on Earth, a wonder of nature and a delight for any photographer. Compared to its neighbor the Grand Canyon, Antelope is small, but its beauty is extraordinary and captivating. All those pictures you have seen of a ray of sunlight illuminating a hole in a stone canyon, where taken here. 

Antelope, entrada
The entrance

It was named after the herds of American antelopes (although it seems like that, it is not an antelope, but a type of goat) that used to graze inside looking for shelter. Formed by watercourses, is so narrow that it makes no sense to see it from above, the real attraction is walking along the bottom, some areas reaching 40 meters high.

Antelope, sala principal
One of the wider areas of the canyon

I just visited the upper part, and therefore all the pictures were taken there. Bring a good camera, as the play of light and shadows is not easily captured, and some parts are dark. To not lead to deception, no photo in this post has been retouched, although I diminished their quality to uploaded them.


Unfortunately, the only ray of light sneaks into the canyon in certain months of the year, particularly from June to August, and only in the middle of the day, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. approx. Therefore, if you want to get the prized photograph you have to go in summer, with the associated problems of overcrowding and heat, which at that time is usually around 32 to 35 ° C.

Antelope zona de luces
No sunbeam, but still worthy

In addition, August, September and October are the rainiest months, while the least rainy are November, December and January. This is more important than it might seem, not only because the canyon is not the same beautiful without sunlight, but in heavy rain is closed to the public. Due to being very narrow, in case of torrential rain it gets flooded in minutes, which occurred on August 12, 1997, and 11 tourists died.



  • 8 am to 5 pm mid-March to mid-October.
  • 9 am to 3 pm mid-October to mid-March.

It is just 12 km from Page. You can not go by yourself for two reasons: to avoid fatal outcomes as in 1997 and because when some time ago anyone could visit it, people made graffities and took pieces of rock, so since then everyone has to go with an official guide, which is always a Navajo native, since the canyon is within an Indian reserve.

Antelope, guia
Our guide trying to look mystical

This requires hiring a tour. The main agencies are based in Page. The truth is that I do not remember the one I hired … to all tours and companies you have to add $ 8 (except children under 7 years) to enter the Navajo reserve.

There are two parts:

  • Upper Antelope Canyon. 400 meters long approximately. The most visited by far because it is easily accessible and has the best light. Therefore, it is essential to book in advance if you want to go during the best hours of the day. The most recommended companies are:
    • Roger Eki’s Antelope Canyon Tours, additional 5% (booking rates):
      • Guided tour: $ 40 adult, $ 30 children 12 to 8 years old, $ 20 children 7 to 3 years old. 1 hour. + $ 10 extra if you want to go at 11:30 am. I’m sure I didn’t book this company, they charge for everything …
      • Photo Tour: $ 85. Children under 13 are not allowed in this tour, and it is compulsory to bring high quality photographic equipment and tripod even if the client is an amateur photographer. 2 hours.
    • Navajo Tours:
      • Guided tour: $ 40 adult, $ 20 children (from 12 years old). 1 hour.
      • Photo Tour: $ 120, much more expensive than the previous agency. Children under 16 are not allowed and you must bring high quality photographic equipment and tripod. 2 hours.
    • Antelope Slot Canyon Scenic tours:
      • Guided tour: adults $ 40-50, $ 32-40 from 12 to 6 years, depending on the time you choose. 90 minutes, is the longest.
Antelope, little Monument Valley
This rock on the top is called “little Monument Valley
  • Lower Antelope Canyon. Much longer, is not accessible for all people, some areas are very narrow and precise aluminum flights of stairs to get to the bottom.
    • Ken’s Tours.
      • Normal guided tour: 20 $ adult, 12 $ children up to 12 years. 1 hour.
      • Photo Tour: $ 42. Children under 16 are not allowed in this type of tour, and you must bring high quality photographic equipment and tripod even if the client is an amateur photographer. 2 hours.

Although you have to go together with the group, I consider visiting this canyon a must. The beauty and softness of its forms is incomparable to anything I’ve seen.

Antelope, primer plano
Close up of the walls
Antelope, zona luces 2
Another area of lights
Yo en el Antelope
And that’s me getting out of the canyon

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