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Starting at Charles Bridge, you will immediately notice the beauty of this neighborhood.

Entrada a Mala Strana
Arches under the west tower of the Charles Bridge leading to Mala Strana. In the background the tower of St. Nicholas church.

We continue along the main street to the Malostranská square, dominated by the great church of St. Nicholas, in which there is a section of Prague Museum. Adult admission 100 CZK, open from 9 am to 4-5 pm depending on the time of year.

Iglesia de San Nicolás
Inside the church of St. Nicholas

Immediately we continue the walk to the main entrance of PRAGUE CASTLE, the biggest attraction of this neighborhood, so we dedicate a specific post to it.

Praga Mala Strana Prague view vista desde from
View of Mala Strana first term and Stare Mesto on the background from the ramps leading to the Castle
Castillo Praga Prague Castle
Imnner courtyard of Prague Castle with St Vitus Cathedral on the left

Getting out of the Castle by the east entrance, we continue south back heading to the bridge. Along the way we find at 24 U Luzikého Semináře the narrowest street in Prague (77 cm wide), the narrowest in the world some say. Actually it is not a street, but a staircase leading to a restaurant overlooking the river, still is curious to see.

Calle estrecha, Praga
There’s even a traffic light

Nearby, on Cihelná street, very close to the river, is the Kafka Museum, the favorite son of the city. Admission 260 CZK, open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. At the entrance there is a famous and controversial animated bronze statue of David Cerny in which two sculptures urinate on a map of the Czech Republic.

Estatua en el Museo Kafka
The statue at the entrance of Kafka Museum

On the south side of Charles Bridge, on the banks of the river, is the Kampa Museum of Modern Art. Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Admission 330 CZK, although you can visit individual sections paying each one you want. I have not entered the museum, but many of its works are exhibited outdoors around the park where it is located, and the truth is that, not being a modern art lover, I’ve liked what I’ve seen. The most famous are sculptures alien-like Crawling Babies by the same author that in Kafka Museum, and I personally love the row of yellow penguins.

Praga Mala Strana Prague Kampa Museum museo
Patio in Kampa Museum
Crawling Babies
These babies are more than two meters high. They are also installed on the facade of the Telecommunication Tower
Pingüinos del Kampa
The row of penguins and the Stare Mesto at the back

If you have time, continuing south, the streets are as nice as those of Stare Mesto and Josefov.

Zona sur de Mala Strana
South of Mala Strana
Praga Mala Strana Prague
Building in Mala Strana
Praga Mala Strana Prague (2)
Houses and a water mill wheel near Charles Bridge
Praga Mala Strana Prague vista Puente Carlos Charles bridge view
Charles Bridge from the riverbank
Praga Mala Strana Prague cisnes swans
Indeed, you can feed the swans, if you dare

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