• I was here: about two and a half hours on December 29, 2007.
  • My score: 4/5.

Port Lockroy is actually a natural harbor on Goudier islet, which is linked to a larger one called Wiencke Island by a permanent ice layer,

specifically joins the so-called Jougla Point. That is why we can read about all these names and it can lead to confusion, although at the rate that Antarctic ice melts, soon Goudier islet will be independent. It was discovered in 1904 by a French expedition and the name is that of a French politician who insisted that this expedition was subsidized. It was used of course, for whale hunting, what took place from 1911 to 1931.

Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica
View from port Lockroy, the only day we could see the blue sky for a while
Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica Alwashere 1 (2)
Ready to visit Port Lockroy after getting off the zodiac. In the background you can see a considerable sized glacier

Port Lockroy is the headquarters of Bransfield House, which was the most interesting scientific base we visited, because it was the only one we could visit from the inside. One of the southernmost destinations on the itinerary, and a mandatory stop for all ships, is this former British base, established initially in 1944 as a military base, was designated in 1995 as a historic site of Antarctica, which not only prevented its dismantling , but partially converted it into a museum, where we can observe how the life of researchers in these latitudes was almost 80 years ago.

Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica (1)
Let it be clear where we are
Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica (2)
Museum Interior
Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica (3)
The internet of the 50s

There is a small souvenir shop where I bought a key ring from which I have not separated since then, that is still sold, since they now have a website, and a fridge magnet. There is also a post office; It took 40 days to get a postcard to my parents in Spain.

And most importantly, they will put a stamp on your passport, a treasure for an untamed traveler.

Port Lockroy sello pasaporte passport stamp
Port Lockroy stamp

In Port Lockroy there is a colony of Gentoo penguins that is used to investigate their interaction with humans, particularly with tourists; Half a colony is isolated to humans and another half is not, some of the nests are next to the museum wall. That makes the penguins here especially confident and will allow us to get closer to their nests and their chicks.

Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica pingüinos gentoo penguins
Gentoo penguins nesting
Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica pingüinos gentoo penguins (3)
Gentoo penguins watching
Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica pingüinos gentoo penguins (2)
And Gentoo penguins with their chicks, so cute

The blue-eyed cormorants that live in the southernmost areas of the southern hemisphere and whose irises are always blue share the nesting area with the Gentoo; They also have a white belly and the rest of the body is black. The chicks have completely black plumage.

Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica cormoran ojos azules blue eyed shag (2)
Several blue-eyed cormorants
Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica cormoran ojos azules blue eyed shag
In the center, one of them with two chicks, surrounded by gentoo penguins

There are also other less friendly birds, particularly the Arctic terns, which we should not approach to if we do not want to suffer their anger. To check it, here’s a video of these birds taken by me, although it was on Grimsey Island in Iceland.

There is a magnificent complete whale skeleton.

Antartida Port Lockroy Antarctica ballena whale
Complete whale skeleton











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