Just in New York City there are 4 zoos, one in Queens, another in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, another in Central Park, and one in the Bronx, the oldest and largest in North America, and the one that boasts having their animals in environments of greater freedom. Certainly, it is a good claim, so we decided to go. What I found was… well, a zoo. I’ve been in some of the best considered worldwide: this one, the one in Singapore and the one in Sydney (my favorite), and some more I do not know if they are so well considered, like those in Barcelona, ​​Brisbane, Chicago and Buenos Aires. The enclosures are very spacious and there are many interesting types of animals, but nobody expects the ninth wonder, an elephant is an elephant here and in Beijing.


The zoo is in the middle of the Bronx. Needless to say, it is by far one of the most crime-ridden areas in New York, and it is not exactly beautiful either, so wandering around is not advisable:

  • Of course you can get there by private vehicle.
  • Metro: that’s how we arrived. The lines are 2 or 5, the latter being much more recommendable, since at peak times there is a direct service that skips several stops; if we do not take it, it will take an eternity to arrive, which is what happened to us, from station 77 in the Upper East Side it took almost an hour. The closest stops are:
    • South entrance, 300 meters east of station E 180.
    • Bronx River entrance or gate B (east), 400 meters from Pelham Parkway station, two stops further north of the previous station. It is important to note that next to the Bronx Park East intermediate station there is no gateway to the zoo.
  • Bus: that’s how we came back. The Bus Express BxM11, which is probably the best option for being the simplest.
    • Back to the UES it took about 40 minutes, but we had to wait for the bus for at least 20 minutes.
    • The price is the same as any other public transport and can be paid with the Metrocard.
    • It is taken in Manhattan on Madison Avenue with 23St, or on 5th avenue with streets 35, 43, 51, 58, 69, 85 and 98th, and leads to gate B.
    • The first bus leaves Manhattan at 6:45 am and the last bus leaves the zoo at 11:22 pm, every 30 minutes. Slightly less frequency on weekends.
    • When going from south to north, once you get on the bus in Manhattan, you can not go down until you get to the Bronx, and from north to south, once we got into it by the zoo, in Manhattan you can only get off, nobody can go up.


The opening dates change every year, but approximately:

  • From the beginning of April to the end of October:
    • Monday to Friday: 10 am to 5pm.
    • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 10am to 5:30 pm.
  • From the beginning of November to the end of March: from 10 am to 4:30 pm.


Here comes the good, Wednesdays are free, yo pay what you want (donation). So despite the possible crowds, we better go on Wednesday or it will cost us an arm and a leg:

  • Adult (as of May 2018): $ 22.95.
  • Child: $ 14.95.
  • Senior: $ 20.95.

You have to buy them at the entrance, because online they only allow you to acquire the “Total Experience”, which includes the general ticket and the optional areas, even more expensive:

  • Admission of adult: $ 36.95, almost nothing…
  • Children $ 27.95.
  • Senior $ 31.95.

Parking for all day costs $ 17.


The zoo has the usual types of animals. The spaces in which they are usually are large, so we recommend a camera with good zoom to take proper pictures, not like mine. At the entrance there is a map with the distribution of the animals and where the special exhibitions are located.

Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 1. Rio river. New Bear
Bronx River through the zoo
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 3. Panel. New
This is a joke, we will not step into any grand felines. I’m posting this picture because it’s almost the only decent one I took
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 3. Panel. New (2)
Because my camera was too bad to get good shots of distant and moving animals, so apart from the previous and one of some antelopes, the rest of the pictures were taken by my friend Manolo Jiménez, without his camera, this post wouldn’t have been possible

Some birds:

Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 2. Ave Bird. New Bear
Unidentified bird behind a glass
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 2. Quetzal Ave Bird. New Bear
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 2. Ave Bird. New Bear (2)
This one is cool, a Cock of the Rock or Tunqui, from Peru
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 2. Aguila Calva Bald Eagle Ave Bird. New Bear
Bald Eagle, USA‘s symbol, caged. It’s somehow sad and ironic
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 2. Pingüinos, Penguins Ave Bird. New Bear
Magallanic penguins

Amphibians and reptiles:

Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 4. Cocodrilo Crocodile. New
Crocodile who not even velociraptors dare to bully long ago
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 4. Ranas Frogs. New
Tropical frogs, their faces seeming to mean “what are you looking at?”
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 4. Serpiente Snake tortuga turtle. New
This turtle seemed very interesting because of its long neck, it’s called “Snake Neck Turtle”
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 4. Serpiente Snake. New
I’m not sure which kind of snake is this yellow one, but it does not need any color filter

And mammals:

Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 0. Oso Grizzlie. New Bear
When this bestial Grizzlie Bear showed up suddenly from behind that rock, even knowing it was a zoo, I almost freaked out
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 5. Ciervos Deers. New
Deers in their enclosure, kind of wide, as it can be seen
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 5. Gorila Gorilla. New
I’ve always found extremelly sad to see superior primates being locked because they look barely human. This gorilla in the pic seems to be thinking “I’m so bored in here”
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 5. Rinoceronte Rhinoceros. New
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 5. Antilopes antelopes. New
This Kudu antelopes picture is also mine, just to contribute some more
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 5. Jirafas Giraffes. New
Giraffes’ enclosure is probably the largest
Nueva York Zoo del Bronx 5. Dromedario. New
Dromedaries so kids can ride them

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