• The main one is Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino, 30 km west:
    • Taxi: flat fee of 48 € during the day. Be aware that Fiumicino City taxis charge more than those of Rome. You must find the white taxis with a ‘Roma Capitale’ sign on doors. It takes about an hour to the city center.
    • Uber is assumed to work legally in Rome, although its website is not working properly.
    • Shuttle (shared). There are two companies: Airport Connection Services and Airport Shuttle. Usually they charge from 30 €, this second company only 6 € extra per person.
    • Train and bus:
      • I recommend the FL1 train. Runs every 15 minutes, goes to four stations and costs 8 €.
      • A little faster is the Leonardo Express but personally I do not recommend it, as it leaves every 30 minutes, it goes only to Termini and costs € 14 one way (+1 € if bought at the station).
      • For those arriving during the night, the only option is the Cotral bus.

Transport Leaving Timetable Stops Time Cost €
Train FL1 Every 15 minutes (60 on holidays) 5:58 am to 11:28 pm Trastevere




28 min

32 min

40 min

48 min

Train Leonardo Express Every 30 min 6:38 am to 11:38 pm Termini 30 min 15 (14 online)
Bus Terravision Every 30 min 5:35 am to 11:00 pm Vía Marsala (Termini) 55 min 6 (discount online)
Bus SIT Every 30-40 min 8:30 am to 11:50 pm Vatican

Vía Marsala (Termini)

55 min 6
Bus Cotral 8 per day 4 night buses Termini


1 hour 7 (5 online)
  • Ciampino. This airport is almost Ryanair exclusive. It is 15 km to the southeast.
    • Taxi: costs € 30 fixed rate. 30 minutes.
    • Shuttle: Airport Shuttle (shared), 25 € the first passenger and € 5 for each additional passenger.
    • There is no train
    • Bus: Cotral / Atral, just to get to the closest metro stations (€ 1.20)
Terravision Every 30 min 8:15 am to 12:15 am Vía Marsala (Termini) 45 min 6 (discount online)
SIT Every 30-40 min 7:45 am to 11:15 pm Vía Marsala (Termini) 45 min 4 from Ciampino, 6 from Marsala


  • Train: the main station is Termini, two kilometers northeast of the Coliseum.
  • Bus: the main station is Autostazione Tiburtina, 3 km northeast of Termini.

From both of them you can connect to the subway or different buses.


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