It is located northwest of the city, quite close, just 8 km to the west and about 12 to Mitte. It is the main airport but it will probably close as soon as the new one is completed. It consists of 5 ridiculously small terminals (the largest is A, which only has 13 fingers of access to airplanes), you have to change from one to another by walking.

Closed from 12 at night to 4 am. There is an office to leave your luggage in terminal A, costs € 7.20 each small item and € 9.90 each large.

  • Best transport: Bus. Buses called “Jet Express” make their stops coincide with those of metro (S) or train (U) to favor transfers. The airport is in zone B, so the rate is that of areas A + B (2.70 €); tickets can be bought in counters, machines or to the driver (change given) and allow transfer to metro and train for 2 hours:
    • TXL, to Alexanderplatz (45 minutes) via Hauptbahnhof (central train station), every 10 minutes. If in Hauptbahnhof we change to the subway, we will arrive at Alexanderplatz in 30 minutes.
    • X9, for the west zone, Zoologischer Garten station (20 minutes), every 10 minutes.
    • 109, also goes to the same station as the X9 for the same price, but is slower, it is only useful for those who go near Kurfürstendamm.
    • 128, interesting to those who go to the north of Berlin.

Others: there is no direct connection by train or metro, so you must use the bus:

  • S-Bahn (metro): the TXL bus goes through Beusselstrass station (in 10 minutes) and the X9 goes through Jungfernheide.
  • U-Bahn (train): 109 and X9 go through Jakob-Kaiser-Platz in 5 minutes.
  • A taxi should cost about € 20 to Zoologischer and € 30 to Alexanderplatz. Surcharges: € 1 for each large baggage, € 1.5 pay with a credit card and € 0.5 for airport fare.
  • Rental car: the main international companies have offices at the airport.
  • DriveNow and Car2go are car-sharing companies. You have to register on their website, the trip costs 5 and 4 € respectively.
  • Transportation to other cities:
    • If you want to go by train, you have to use the bus and get to Hauptbahnhof or Südkreuz.
    • But there are buses that go directly from the airport to other cities. Flixbus offers buses to many destinations in Europe, PKS Stettin only to Stettin, in Poland.


22km southeast of Alexanderplatz, even smaller than Tegel, there is currently no where to leave luggage for construction.

It can be reached by metro or train. Tickets are purchased on machines and the price is € 3.30 (rate for areas A + B + C). The station is about 500 meters from the terminal, you can walk or take a free shuttle.

  • Best transport, train. There is an express train every 30 minutes, from 5 am to 11:30 pm:
    • RE7 and RB14. 20 minutes to Alexanderplatz and 30 to Zoologischer Garten.
    • RE22 goes to Potsdam station, so it is highly recommended for those who go or come from that city. On its way back goes to the center of Berlin, so it is perfect to go from the center to Potsdam, spend the morning, and go in the afternoon to the airport.


  • Subway lines S9 and S45 operate until 1:30 in the morning, but otherwise they are less convenient than trains, since they do not pass through the center, which requires transfers and stop at each station.
  • There are many buses, but they are slower and more infrequent than the train. Daytime are X7 (to the nearby U Rudow train station), 163, 164 and 171; nocturnal N7 and N60 (the last subway leaves at 1:30 am). There are also buses to towns near Berlin.
  • A taxi could easily cost us € 45 and can take almost an hour. The surcharges for baggage and card payment are the same, but the airport fee is € 1.5.
  • It also has car rental offices of the main international companies.
  • DriveNow charges € 6 and Car2go charges € 5.


In fact it is the name that Schönefeld will receive when its extension is completed.

It was ridiculous that a city like Berlin barely had an air traffic of 18 million passengers back in 2005. In addition, Tempelhof airport, since being so close to the city could not be extended and the size of its tracks was insufficient for new larger aircrafts, closed in 2008 and was converted into a park. It became necessary to build a new airport, which was scheduled to open at the end of 2017, but it is already the end of 2017 and that will not happen. Me, I hope it takes a long time to be operational to avoid having to update this article that I just wrote.



The central station is Hauptbahnhof, very close to the Reichstag, located in a modern glass building. From here you can take trains, subway, buses or trams to any part of the city.

Tickets can be purchased at the station (at the window or machines) or online. There is an office to leave luggage for € 5/24 hours. Booking in advance prices can be very cheap.

Berlin 0, tren en train Hauptbahnhof estacion central central station, Alemania, Germany
Our train to Prague, bought the day before for 40


There are multiple companies that arrive in Berlin from different places in Europe. The main ones are Eurolines, Berlinlinenbus (which belongs to the national railway company DB) and Flixbus / Meinfernbus.

The main bus station (Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof) is to the west of the city, in Charlottemburg. To go to the tourist areas you have to change to subway or train, although some buses stop at Alexanderplatz and other points of interest.


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