Because of its size and to avoid noise pollution, only propeller planes can land here, so it only receives flights from other places in Canada or from not very remote areas of the United States, totaling no more than 20 direct destinations. The main airline is Porter, far away form its competitor AirCanada. The first usually offer cheaper prices.

This airport is very small, but has a great advantage that makes it one of the most comfortable in the world: is on Toronto Island Park:

  • Only a small ferry transshipment (minutes) from the center of the city, which is free for pedestrians. It runs every 15 minutes from 5:15 am to 12 pm.
  • On July 30, 2015, a 260 meters long pedestrian tunnel was opened, finishing in the same place the ferry does into the Bathurst Quay.
  • You can also cross it by bike, because on both sides there are BIXI stations.

From here, there is just 1.5 km to the CN Tower, so I do not think there is another more central airport in the world. From the Bathurst Quay are all kinds of transport to the preferred destination:

  • Personally I walked to my hostel, it took me half an hour. I think it was the only time in my life I walked out from the airport to my destination .
  • Immediately upon leaving the ferry terminal there is a free shuttle bus stop that goes to Union Station in downtown, not only for passengers, but for all who go to the airport. From 5 am on weekdays and 6:30 am on Saturdays and Sundays until 12 pm. Once in the downtown it is easy to take the preferred transportation (subway, train or tram) to our final destination.
  • If not going to the city center, the most advantageous public transport is the tram:
    • 509 Harbourfront. It takes 7 minutes on foot to get to the stop, north of Quay, in the middle of the line between Exhibition Place on the west and the Central Station in downtown. It makes no sense to use it directly to the station, Free shuttle Bus would be better. Every 5 minutes.
    • 511 Bathurst. You take it at the same stop as before. Goes all the long way north Bathurst Avenue, so it is the best deal for lively Kensington. Every 4 minutes.
  • In Bathurst Quay you can also take taxis, it is where the car rental offices are and there is a parking for private vehicles.
Toronto Downtown from the Island Airport


The main airport, 24 km northwest of Union Station. It has two terminals, one and three, the last one has a part for domestic flights and one for international. To move between them you’ll be using the Terminal Link, a free train that connects them. It also makes a stop at the main parking. Runs every 4 to 8 minutes, depending on the time of day.

Getting to the airport and away:

  • Express train: the relatively new Union Pearson Express or UP express has replaced the previous express bus. After years since it was designed, the works were not speeded up till Downtown Airport began to steal passengers from Pearson.
    • It is taken at Terminal 1.
    • A single adult journey costs $ 12 CAD.
    • It runs every 15 minutes from 5:30 am until 01:00 am.
    • It takes 25 minutes.
    • There are two intermediate stops: Bloor and Weston.
  • Public transport. The cheapest (3 CAD $). The best and almost the only option is the TTC 192 Airport Rocket bus, which leads to the Kipling station, where you change to the subway; the entire journey to the center takes about an hour. Others are TTC 52, Go Transit 34 and Go Transit 40, but none going to tourist areas.
  • Cab. The price is fixed according to the area where you go. To Downtown area currently costs $ 53 CAD. Excess baggage is paid $ 12 extra.
  • Limos. Keep an eye on the price, is almost the same as cabs. The same area costs $ 58 CAD.
  • Rental cars. All major international companies have branches here.
  • For those who do not go to Toronto: there are 17 companies offering buses or shared shuttles to multiple destinations in Canada, even some in USA, directly from the airport.

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