From here, may the traveler decides to go east on 42nd Street, two blocks away you will find Grand Central Station; in my opinion, only its main hall is remarkable. Just one block farther east, the famous and original Chrysler Building. We will never understand why it cannot be visited.

2011-02 Estados Unidos 093
The Chrysler Building

But if the traveler decides to go northwest from Bryant Park, four blocks ahead he will be in another of the great attractions of New York, world famous TIMES SQUARE. We do not know if there is another place with more ads, screens and neon lights on the planet, but while there it becomes clear that this is the most impressive one. The lights seem endless and induce in the viewer a kind of euphoric comfort feeling.

2011-02 Estados Unidos 232
Times Square

From Times Square to the northeast, 15 minutes walk will lead you to The Rockefeller Center. Here you can do almost everything. In the basement there are dozens of restaurants of all kinds. Plenty of shops, from brand new boutiques (Cole Haan, Michael Kors…) to the Lego or NBC Stores. There are three interesting areas here:

  • TOP OF THE ROCK. In our opinion, the best view of the city. Admission $ 32. You can buy the Sun and Stars ticket ($ 47) to go up twice, day and night, in the same day. Same as in the Empire State Building, this is not necessary, ideally go up in the afternoon before the sunset and wait until dark. The view is same impressive day and night.

    2013-09 y 10 Estados Unidos y Canadá 1206
    View from Top of the Rock
  • The Rink. In this area the ice rink is placed at the end of October. Although is very famous, is tiny and expensive ($ 25 per hour, the closer to Christmas holidays and New Year’s, the more expensive). In summer it becomes a beer garden.

    2011-02 Estados Unidos 058
    The Rockefeller Center Ice Rink
  • Radio City Music Hall. One of the most famous concert halls in New York.

Immediately east, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is located. It is recently renovated. Even Europeans used to this kind of architecture will be surprised, this cathedral is second to none in beauty compared to many other renowned ones in the old continent.

A little further to the north, you’ll find the MoMA, one of the most famous modern art museums  in the world. (check Popular Museums in Manhattan).

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