The Pierre Elliot Trudeau International is 21 kilometers west of the city center, within the island of Montreal. Formerly called Dorval, many people still refer to it by that name.

To get to the city:

  • 747 Express bus. 24/7, a bus every hour. It takes between 45 and 70 minutes to the central bus station (Gare d’Autocars), next to the metro station Berri-UQAM. Unless it is purchased in an authorized establishment on advance, you will have to pay the exact amount in coins on the bus. Single tickets are not sold. Payment options (CAD $) are:
    • 24 hour pass, bus-metro: 10.
    • Weekend (Friday 4:00 pm to Monday 5 am): 13,75.
    • 3 days (until 23:59 of the third day): 18.
    • Hebdo (Monday to Sunday): 25.75.
  • Normal Bus. It costs $ 3 CAD, not really worthy unless for those in a very tight budget who not intend to use the 24 hour pass, because of how long it takes: you have to make a transfer to another bus and then another transfer to subway.
  • Train: Via offers the Via Connect Air, a free shuttle to Dorval station, where you switch to the main rail network. It is not recommended as there are only 3 daily and costs from 23 CAD $.
  • Cab. Metered (CAD $ 17 minimum fee) to any destination except to downtown (Centre-Ville) which is fixed fee CAD $ 40.
  • Limousine. The minimum is CAD $ 50. To downtown is also fixed rate between 55 and 60 CAD $ depending on time.
  • Rental cars. All major international companies have branches here.
  • For those who do not go to Montreal: there are companies that offer shared buses or shuttles to multiple destinations in Canada:
    • Orleans Express goes east to 3 cities, including Quebec City.
    • Greyhound has direct services to Ottawa and Gatineau.
    • Aeronavette for smaller neighboring towns.
    • Autocars Skyport: direct shuttle to Mont Tremblant in ski season.

There is another airport, Montréal Saint-Hubert Longueuil, half military airport and half for private planes.

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