Montreal has the same climate as Ottawa, making recommendations on when to go in terms of the weather the same.

Maple trees in Old Montreal in September


But other aspects are different, because it receives over 11 million visitors a year, 5 times more than Ottawa, and although the city is also 5 times bigger, the hotel and catering offer is not so (at end of September it took us 40 minutes to get a table on Saturday night in Quartier des Spectacles). That means being July and August high season, are comparatively more expensive than its neighboring city. In low season you should not have trouble booking accommodation more reasonably priced, but do not forget that Canada is an expensive country.


In the capital of culture in Canada about 90 events a year are held. Among the highlights are:

  • February:
    • Montreal en Lumière. Held only since 2000 but with an excellent reception, is an impressive extravagance of visual media displayed in order fill the winter in the city with colours. There are lights everywhere, fireworks, exhibitions, concerts and the star: a carnival parade.
  • June:
    • Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada.
    • Just for Laughs. Comical festival, for 3 weeks, with more than 1,000 shows, some of them you have to pay and others are free on the street.
    • Beer Festival. During five days you can taste beers from 130 countries.
    • Montreal International Jazz Festival. With over 1000 concerts, it is considered the largest jazz festival in the world.
  • July:
    • L’International des Feux-Loto. It is probably the best fireworks competition in the world. 10 shows, 30 minutes each, are held throughout the month of July, on weekends and some Wednesdays.
  • August:
    • Osheaga Festival Musique et Arts. Rock and pop 3 days long music festival, with unknown and world class groups.
  • September:
    • Apple picking, literally. This work, not bad indeed paid (around CAD $ 25 per hour), it has become a way to spend Sunday for the families in many places in Canada, being the outskirts of Montreal one of the most popular spots.
The loot after the harvest

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