Although it sounds cliché, I personally love the Eiffel Tower; it is a spectacular piece of engineering, and the views of Paris I think are the best. I’ve been up twice, the first day walking during the day, the second time late in the afternoon.

First of all, get to the ticket office or one of the access pillars if you already have your ticket. This seems patently obvious but it is not as easy as it used to be; until some months ago, you could wander freely around the base of the tower, but because of the unfortunate current terrorist threat, the entire base is fenced, and people have to queue and go through security arches before they can approach to the tower. It is one of my favorite areas, you can feel the true power that the tower gives off when you are under it, seems like you are an ant. Excellent photos can be taken from different angles.

Torre Eiffel desde abajo
Eiffel Tower from the base
Pilar de la torre Eiffel
One of the pillars
Torre Eiffel iluminada
Illuminated at night

Then you have to choose how to go up:

  • On foot. Go south pillar. Always my preferred choice, although I admit it’s just climb up for sport, there are no better angles for pictures. 704 steps.
  • Lift. There are 3, in north, east and west pillars.

Okay, we’re on the first and newly renovated floor: now most of the floor is made of glass. After admiring it, surely we will be willing to go to the second floor, because we think there will be better views, and they are. You have to change elevator, and therefore queue again.

The views from the second floor (115 meters high) are probably the best. It is high enough to see Paris, but you won’t be seeing the buildings too small.

Campo de Marte desde la Torre Eiffel
Champ de Mars from the second floor

To climb to the third floor you mandatory have to use the elevator. Keep in mind that, although not everyone goes up, elevators are small, and you may waste one hour in the queue.

From above the buildings are not appreciated the same well, but the panoramic view is more impressing.

Arco del Triunfo desde el 3er piso de la torre
View from the top. The Arch de Triomphe is in the middle of the picture

MORE: EIFFEL TOWER, practical information

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