• I was here: in November 2008
  • Number of days: 1 day trip.
  • My score: 3/5

Kamakura is a popular one day excursion from Tokyo. In 1192 it became the first feudal capital of the country, coinciding with a boom of Buddhism. Today it is a quiet little town with a huge heritage of temples and shrines, connected by trails so surrounded by nature, that at times I wondered if I wasn’t lost in a forest. And there’s a beach.


Most visitors arrive by train using the Japan Rail Pass. From Tokyo, it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to arrive, but in all the guides say it is only an hour.


Mapa Kamakura
Kamakura Map (Google Maps) where the main attractions are marked

The attractions are concentrated in three areas:

  • Southwest, near Hase Station, are the Great Buddha and Hasedera temple. This station does not belong to the Japan Rail but the private company Odakyu Railways, therefore JRP can not be used. From Kamakura Station it takes about 25 minutes walking, or go to the east exit and take bus 1 or 6 (¥ 190).
  • Several major temples are about 20 minutes walk in a northeasterly direction from JR Kamakura Station.
  • To the north, near JR Kita-Kamakura Station, there are  four more temples.

Apart from temples, Kamakura is famous for the paths that connect them, so I recommend walking as far as possible.


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