• Alfonso San Was Here in Tokyo in October and November 2008 and spring 2013.
  • Total Days: 21
  • My score: 5/5

Tokyo is my favorite place on this planet, it is that simple. I guess it’s because almost everything I love about Tokyo is what would hate if I lived there.

This is the craziest, noisiest, overcrowded and amazing place that has ever existed. Have you ever said ‘in this town you can find everything’? In that city probably you can find everything you know, but the city in the world where you can find everything that exists is Tokyo, because there are many things that you don’t even imagine they exist. We’re talking about the capital city of the most futuristic country, a country where in 2008 you could watch TV online on your smartphone while in the subway. Would you like your hair cut at 4 in the morning? No problem, there are 24 hours hairdressers. There are also gyms open 24 hours, but strangely the subway closes a few hours. No time for a pet? No worries, we have places where you can pay to play with the pet you want on your free day. Do you like the noise, the bustle, the crowds? We have plenty of that. Want some peace? There are many parks and quiet neighborhoods, although those havens of peace are often surrounded by noise, as soon as set a foot outside it, you’ll notice it. We do not have enough with 5 or 6 districts of pure entertainment (Shibuya, Roppongi, Harayuku, Ginza, Akihabara …) so we have built the entire Odaiba, only for more leisure.

That said, it is obvious that Tokyo is not for everyone, but even though: go, hate the noise, the lights and the crowds, say it’s no big deal, say it’s just another modern city, go and speak ill of Tokyo all you want, but you will be surprised at every turn. YOU ARE GOING TO FREAK OUT.


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