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One of the most important Shinto festivals in Tokyo, and probably the most lively. It takes place in the Senso-ji, on the third weekend of May every year. It attracts nearly 2 million visitors. In honor of the three founders of the temple, is celebrated in different ways since the seventh century; although is a religious holiday, the truth is that it is a festival with a very relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Friday begins with the Daigyoretsu Parade, with priests, geishas, officers, musicians and dancers, all dressed in costumes from the Edo era. Then there is a religious ceremony and in the afternoon minor mikoshi go on procession. The mikoshi are palanquins supposed to house the souls of deities.

Saturday continues the procession of about 100 minor mikoshi, representing 44 districts of Asakusa, starting at noon.

Sunday is the most important day. The center of the celebration is the procession of the 3 main mikoshi, larger, black decorated in gold, topped by a phoenix. Men and women transport them by shoulder using 4 long poles.

Portadores de uno de los Mikoshi
Men and women carrying one of the mikoshi

The porters are changing from time to time. The procession of the three mikoshi passes through all the streets in Asakusa and lasts for hours.

Sanja Matsuri en la pagoda
The Sanja and Senso-ji Pagoda
Sanja Matsuri, Main Hall
The Sanja approaching the main Hall

The festival is ready to serve all the visitors. Asakusa is one of the neighborhoods with more food stalls and restaurants, especially numerous near the temple.

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