• I was here: from December 23 to 25, 2005.
  • Number of days needed to see the most famous spots: 2.
  • My score: 4/5.

Thinking about writing about an unusual place where I have spent Christmas, the answer has come immediately to my mind, as far as I do not know what may be more unusual for a Spaniard than spending Christmas eve dining kangaroo barbecue and bathing in a pool at 30ºC at midnight, and Christmas hiking at 45ºC in a desert at the antipodes. Continue reading “AUSTRALIAN DESERT”



Almost everyone thinks that there is an extraordinary place in its antipodes, one of the best on the globe, and laments how far it is. This is true for most, but in my case it is indeed, because for me it is not just extraordinary, Australia is the best country I have ever visited. Continue reading “Australia”