Transylvania is one of the most famous, disturbing and enigmatic regions in the world; the stories about the most famous of vampires have catapulted their legend to the most remote corners of the planet. It is still true that the region advertise itself as the place where we will find Count Dracula’s Castle, but offers many more possibilities for those who have time, since it is of considerable size, and presents some of the main tourist destinations in Romania, like the Transfagarasan, one of the best-known mountain roads in Europe for its intricate curves, the city of Brasov with its excellent historical center, the very well regarded Cluj-Napoca (which in addition to the city itself, is nearby of some natural parks of interest), Sibiu or Alba Iulia, where its citadel and its cathedral stand out. The limits of the region are more historical than political, and have been changing over the years, but today it can be considered that it even reaches the western end of the country, where the also popular city of Timisoara is located, or the north end, where Barsana Monastery is famous.

However, most tourists, among who we include ourselves, do not explore Romania deep enough to devote the time it deserves to Transylvania. Many are those who, due to the lack of time (as was our case) visit the most famous places in the region, which are quite south, through a full day excursion from Bucharest, without being able to enjoy carefully or know in detail of each of these small places that are worthwhile. And so, the legend of Transylvania continues.


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