The biggest attraction after the Floating Torii in Miyajima. Although the fog is common, in a bright day, from the top of Mount Misen one of the best views of Japan can be enjoyed. I’ve been there twice, a bright day and a foggy day.


The lower station (Momijidani) is a 10 minute walk southeast of Itsukushima Shrine or 20 minutes from the ferry terminal. Price 1000 ¥ one way, ¥ 1800 round trip. It takes about 15 minutes. It has an intermediate station (Kayadani). The upper station (Shishi-iwa) is not at the top, you’ll need at least 20 more minutes on foot.

Subiendo en el teleférico
The cable car going up on the cloudy day
Cima Monte Misen
View from the summit on the sunny day. The building in the center of the picture is the upper station


There are three:

  • Momijidani. It starts at the lower cable car station. I’ve walked it downway, it took me about 40 minutes.
  • Omoto. It begins at Omoto temple, further west of the aquarium. I’ve never hiked it. It is by far the longest, it takes about 2 hours to climb.
  • Daisho-in. Begins at Daisho-in temple. I have hiked it up and down. It takes about 90 minutes to climb (although I’d swear it took me far less). In my opinion it is much nicer than Momijidani, but there are also more people, most going down. At one-third from the bottom there is a flame that it is said it was lit 1200 years ago by the founder of the temple.
Subida monte Misen
The Daisho-in path is beautiful
Turista en la cima del Monte Misen
The best view is on the east side of the island
Torii desde la cima
To the north you can see the Floating Torii

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