One of the most important Buddhist temples in Miyajima. Open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, free admission. The temple is large and there are many buildings; It is well maintained and it’s placed in a wooded area at the beginning of one of the paths leading up to Mount Misen.

The forest surrounding the temple
Entrada a uno de los edificios Daisho-in
Entrance to one of the buildings

I dedicate a post in particular because I love these many little statues.

Esculturas sombrerito Daisho-in
Stone Buddhas wearing knitted bonnets
Sala farolillos Daisho-in
Henjokutsu cave, dedicated to the 88 Shikoku pilgrimage temples. There are multiple lanterns and Buddha statues
Budas pequeños Daisho-in
Small metallic buddhas

All these statues of Buddha can be purchased, but cannot be removed from the temple, they are a donation or an offering, depending on your point of view. The benefactor will see his name engraved on a plaque at the base of the metal buddhas and the ones in the lanterns hall, or painted on the back of the stone, and also they will be put on a knitted hat to identify that someone has donated it and it is preserved and cared.

The following, and the photo on top are my favorites; you cannot buy them. They are genial depictions of Buddhist monks. You are supposed to leave money near them an offering.

Escultura calabaza Daisho-in
Sculpture with pumpkin
Escultura tumbado Daisho-in
This one is a rock star
Esto que es
What is this?
Los tres monos
And these three dudes, what are they doing here?
<THE FLOATING TORII                                    MOUNT MISEN>

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